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How Dental Implants Can Give You Back Your Smile

Most people who are missing teeth try not to smile as much as they used to because they don’t want anyone to see their teeth. Fortunately, there are many ways to restore your teeth, such as dental implants. Learn about how dental implants can give you back your smile.

Evaluating Your Jaw

Before you can set up appointments to get dental implants to replace one or several of your teeth, our dentists at Star Plus Dental need to evaluate the condition of your jawbone. The jaw is the support structure of the implants, so if it isn’t sound, your implants can fail.

If the bone isn’t dense enough or there isn’t enough space surrounding the implant, then our dentists in Sugar Land, TX may not be able to install implants for you. Sometimes they can do a bone graft to ensure the bone has the necessary density, or they may use mini implants instead of standard size ones. However, mini implants have a failure rate of about 50 percent.

How Long Do Implants Take to Install

Getting implants is not an overnight process, and it requires some patience for you to get them. Standard implants come in three pieces. There is a titanium post that acts as a root, an abutment that connects the post and crown, and finally, the crown of the tooth.

Installing the Implant

The post is the first piece that gets inserted into your mouth. Our dentists at Star Plus Dental near you will make an incision into the gum and expose the bone so that the post can go deep into it. Once the post is in the jaw, it takes several weeks for the jaw to heal and start to fuse with the post. After it starts fusing with the bone, the abutment goes onto the post to hold the crown.

These first two steps take between six to nine months to heal before the crown can complete the new tooth. You will need to eat soft foods at times to allow the implant to heal, but once it does, you will have new teeth, and our dentists at Star Plus Dental in Sugar Land, TX will give you a restored smile.

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