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How Maxillofacial Surgery Helps You Retain Your Smile?

The aesthetic value of teeth cannot be ignored, apart from the necessary work of chewing and breaking your food into smaller parts for digestion, teeth aid in speaking, and talking correctly. With time and regular usage, your teeth’s quality and vitality might deteriorate, causing various dental issues.

Teeth can be beneficial to boost your self-esteem and can be essential to maintain a good personality in social gatherings. A missing tooth or dental gaps can be the reason for affecting your looks and might degenerate your facial expression in the long run.

The advancement in dentistry and the incorporation of cosmetic surgery to conceal dental imperfections has been a big revolution. With the availability of maxillofacial surgery, you can get rid of dental or jaw imperfections and boost your confidence. You need not hide your face to conceal the distorted jaws.

What is Maxillofacial Surgery?

The reconstructive surgery of the face, head, neck, mouth, jaws, or oral cavity performed by maxillofacial surgeons to correct the imperfections or structural dysfunctions can be termed maxillofacial surgery.

The oral surgeons are trained to diagnose and treat a wide range of dental or oral cavity dysfunctions caused by dental trauma, accidents, or facial deformity. Maxillofacial surgeons can address misaligned jaws, tumors, cysts in the jaws, neck, or head.

The expertise of the maxillofacial surgeons can be derived from their contemporary training in both medicine and dentistry. Oral surgeons can treat the temporomandibular joint disorder, congenital facial disproportion, diseases of salivary glands, and oral cancer.

In some instances, the oral and maxillofacial surgeons work in collaborations to treat certain dental or oral ailments. Maxillofacial surgery is an extended branch of cosmetic dentistry that focuses on concealing the dental imperfections to provide a rejuvenated look.

The Procedure

Maxillofacial surgery focuses on the issues relate to mouth, jaw, neck, and face. Oral surgeons in Sugar Land can treat dental issues, but you need to visit a maxillofacial surgeon for reconstructive treatment of your oral cavity. The common maxillofacial surgeries include dental implants or dental extraction of your wisdom tooth.
The process of maxillofacial surgery is elaborate and includes the following steps:

#1: Anesthesia

The maxillofacial surgeons are trained with the procedures of anxiety and pain control. The reconstructive surgery might take hours and involve minute details. Depending on the operation’s extent, the surgeon might administer general anesthesia, deep or conscious sedation.

The reason for anesthesia is to prepare you for dental treatment, which can associate with immense pain and anxiety.

#2: Dentoalveolar Surgery

The reason for undergoing maxillofacial surgery is to extract the impacted or the diseased tooth. The surgeon focuses on the eruption of the affected or diseased tooth and its roots to pave the pathway for esthetic and functional dentoalveolar practice.

The process involves cleaning the affected tooth from its cavity, checking for oral and gum infections, and biopsy to eliminate suspicious liaisons.

#3: Dental Implants

The most common among maxillofacial surgeries, dental implants are an effective way to replace lost or missing teeth. In dental implants, the titanium posts are placed under the jaws and serve as a platform for infusing artificial teeth.

Dental implants can fuse with the jaws in due time and can be a perfect way to serve as a replacement for your permanent teeth.

#4: Surgical Correction

Maxillofacial surgeons can also perform reconstructive surgeries for correcting deformities of the jaws, facial skeleton, or peripheral tissues. Dental trauma, accidents, or generic issues might contribute to musculoskeletal deformities of facial bones, and maxillofacial surgery can set them right.

#5: Orthognathic Surgery

Orthognathic surgery is a special branch of maxillofacial surgery performed to correct the abnormal growth of facial bones and jaws. A person suffering from a malocclusion is more prone to the abnormalities of facial bones. The surgery is performed under general anesthesia as the process is time-consuming and comprises shifting the jaws.

Star Plus Dental

When the treatment involves an elaborate procedure, you must choose the dental clinic with all modern amenities, along with a pool of experienced maxillofacial surgeons. Star Plus Dental has been a name to trust in maxillofacial surgery over the past decade.

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