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Everything You Need to Know About Root Canal Treatment

Our teeth are strong and durable; however, because of certain factors like poor dental hygiene, they can get infected. Once your tooth gets infected, it is important to get it addressed before the infection spreads, and a root canal treatment is ideal.

What Is a Root Canal Treatment and Why is It Done?

The teeth have a few layers, and the pulp chamber is the innermost one. This pulp chamber house nerves and soft tissues that nourish the teeth in the growth stage. Once the teeth attain maturity, they stop depending on the pulp chamber. While the pulp cavity loses its primary function, it still part of the tooth and any infection can cause intense pain and affect the function of the teeth.

When the pulp gets infected, a root canal is done to remove it and save the tooth. Plus, it also saves the tooth from extraction.

How Is the Procedure Done?

A root canal procedure is done in one or two dental visits.

  • First dental visit

On the first day, our dentist in Sugar Land will examine your teeth and gums to check for the severity of the infection. A comprehensive dental exam is needed to determine the extent of the infection. At times infected pulp symptoms resemble a gum infection like sensitivity, swollen gums, and pain when chewing.

If you have a gum infection, the dentist will do a scaling and root planning procedure to remove the tartar and reattach the gums.

For the root canal treatment, the dentist will numb the gums and separate the affected tooth to keep them dry.

Next, the dentist will open the crown to access the pulp cavity and clean it. The chamber is reshaped, filled, and reshaped. A temporary filling is placed on the teeth to protect it.

  • Second dental visit

On the final dental visit, the dentist will remove the dental filling and fix a permanent dental crown. The use of the dental crown helps to restore the teeth function and strength.

What Can I Expect After the Root Canal Procedure Is Done?

In the first few days after the treatment is done, you might have tooth sensitivity. This discomfort will last for a couple of days, but you might need pain relievers. You may also experience swelling, inflammation, or an uneven bite. If you experience these symptoms visit our dentist for immediate dental treatment.

What Happens When I Fail to Get a Root Canal?

The more you ignore the infection, the worse it will get and eventually damage the teeth to the extent they cannot be saved. In such a scenario, your teeth will need to be extracted. Remember, when the teeth are removed, they do not grow back. The gaps are not only unsightly but will also affect your dental structure as the teeth start to shift to the surrounding spaces.

What Are the Aftercare Tips?

  • Eat soft foods to help the gums heal. Avoid hard foods that may hurt your teeth.
  • Maintain proper dental hygiene to keep the gums and teeth from getting infected.
  • Visit the dentist every six months for a comprehensive dental exam and cleaning.

Can A Root Canal Fail?

A root canal has a high success rate, but the procedure can fail because of different factors like:

  • Multiple root canals. If you have more than one root canals, the procedure may fail if the dentist fails to detect and remove them.
  • The breakdown of the dental crown or sealant can also cause the procedure to fail. Though the crowns are strong and durable, they can crack and chip, exposing the teeth.
  • Dental reinfection. Your teeth and gums can get re-infected because of the failed dental fillings or crowns.

Does the Teeth Discolor After the Root Canal Treatment?

Sometimes the teeth can develop intrinsic stains when the tooth bleeds internally. Fortunately, we have professional teeth whitening treatment that you can use to whiten your teeth.

Take Away

Ignoring a tooth infection can lead to other dental problems like jaw degradation because of teeth extraction. If you notice darkening of gums, lingering tooth sensitivity, and pain when chewing, visit Star Plus Dental for proper root canal treatment.

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