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An Ultimate Guide to Dental Veneers

If you are struggling with crooked, chipped, or yellow teeth? Get a dental veneer for appealing smile transformation. It is like magical bliss for those people that are overly self-conscious about their smiles. It is a thin porcelain wafer that is permanently cemented to one tooth to mimic its shape, color, or position. It can last up to 15-20 tears. After which dental veneer needs a replacement.

To maintain your veneer, get regular cleanings two times a year besides following good oral hygiene habits. The dental expert would substitute the veneer as per your situation. Make sure you check before and after veneer pictures to see how your teeth will appear after getting a veneer. Keep on reading to know more about how a veneer can be the perfect solution for your lost smile.

Who Can Get Them?

Those individuals who dislike their smiles but have healthy gum tissue and excellent oral hygiene can get a dental veneer. They help your teeth to look attractive and have the potential to fix many problems such as worn-down teeth, chipped teeth, and irregularly shaped teeth.


Below are its types:


A porcelain veneer is one of the commonly used aesthetic treatments available today. They are usually used to fix minimal cosmetic problems. They are tailored as per the patient’s needs to enhance the look of their smile. They are durable, strong and offer a natural look, and do not get stained easily. Moreover, porcelain veneer needs less enamel elimination and also quite easy to maintain.


Composite veneers are made using the tooth-colored filling which is cemented to the tooth. They are typically used to correct the size, position, shape of teeth and can even hide stubborn stains. This means they can be ideally adapted to almost every dental case. Their placement is fast, less costly than porcelain, needs fewer dental visits, and quite easy to fix in case of any damage.

How Much Does Dental Veneers Cost?

The total cost depends upon your location, tooth, and skills of the dental professional. A dental veneer can usually cost up-to 1000$ to 4000$ per tooth.

Does the Dentist Eliminate Some Portion of Your Teeth for Placing a Veneer?

As you know once your enamel goes away, it’s not going to return. However, the veneer needs just a thin layer removal because it is cemented to the front of the teeth.

The dental professional might shave down your teeth during the veneer preparation stage. However, it depends on your unique situation. But, in 99% of cases, there is no shaving down of teeth.

What Disadvantages You Can Expect?

The biggest disadvantage of getting veneer is that it’s an irreversible procedure. Once the dental expert shaves down your tooth, it cannot be back.

Is the Procedure Pain-Free?

Although full or partial veneer is a minimally invasive process, it’s not totally a painless procedure. The dentist near you, will numb the area around the affected tooth using anesthesia. Few patients experience teeth bonding sensitivity. However, it wears after some time.

Moreover, after the procedure is over, you might feel pain while biting food in the healing period. If this is the case get in touch with your dental professional right away. He or she will make minor changes to your teeth and eliminate extra cement to ease your pain.

How Much Time Does Veneer Procedure Take?

The total time depends upon the number of teeth for which you are getting it. For example, if there are ten teeth you can expect to be on the dentist’s chair for three hours.

Do a Veneer Change Colour with Time?

No, dental veneer remains of the same color i.e. white as time passes.

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Get the Smile You Want at Star Plus Dental

If you want a naturally white smile, book an appointment at Star Plus Dental for a dental veneer. During your consultation, the dental expert will identify if you are a suitable candidate or not. If he/she finds your affected tooth two weeks, the expert may also advise a crown to rejuvenate its natural look and strength.

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